Follow these top ten tips to get the most out of every dance practice, make the most of the fun and perform the best you can. Write these down or save a note on your phone as you never know when you will need them!!

1. Warming Up

Warming up is one of the most important things to do before you begin with your dance lesson. Warming up prevents any kind of muscular injury to happen to quite an extent.

2. The Right Dance Clothes

Make sure you don’t wear any kind of clothing that gets stuck while you dance. Maw sure the clothing quality is good as you don’t want to spend on something which doesn’t last long.

3. Fit & Healthy

Even if you miss your dance class due to any reason, make sure you follow a fit and healthy regime.

4. Good Rehearsal Space

Dancing on the right flooring is essential for us, especially if we are trying to reach our peak performance level. If you are going to be practising for 30 minutes or more you need to make sure you are dancing on a sprung floor to reduce damage to your shins and knees. Make sure you have enough space around you.


Be positive, no matter what the circumstances are. A positive person has the ability to do better in life.

6. Resting

Muscles need to relax after a good exercise in order to function properly. Resting is a very important factor in healthy functioning of the human body.

7. Stretching

There has been a lot of argument as to whether stretching is good or bad for your body. If you have warmed up well, then there is absolutely no harm in stretching those muscles.

8. Have Fun!

Dance is all about having fun, losing yourself to the amazing beats of the song. Now, don’t confuse dance with just as aerobics, Zumba or some kind of fast beat physical exercise. One can have fun while dance even if he or she doesn’t know how to dance. Don’t dance to set up a show, dance to make yourself happy, dance to have fun!

9. Find Your Artistry

Being able to feel the music will put you a huge step forward in an audition. If you have any free time, in your bedroom, just put a piece of music on and improvise, it will help a lot with confidence and you will really start to find yourself as a dancer and artist.

10. Learning to Accept Yourself

No matter what you go through, the art of accepting yourself is something very important to learn. It not only gives you that sense of self- satisfaction but also opens your mind for the better. It makes you an optimistic person.

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