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Many people know that homeowner’s insurance covers damage to your home, often with the exception of natural disasters, like floods and earthquakes. These three types of coverage can be purchased as part of your homeowners insurance: personal property, separate buildings, and liability. These might not be automatically included in your policy, so reviewing the terms may be wise. If you’re looking for insurance in Newark, Delaware, for example, simply searching “homeowners insurance newark de” is only the first part of your research.

1. Personal Property

Plenty of people have valuable family heirlooms or expensive pieces of art that they might wish to protect under an insurance policy. Homeowners insurance can often be modified to include coverage for these items, in the event that they become damaged, destroyed, or stolen. While these items are often irreplaceable, at least you could receive some sort of compensation for their loss.

2. Separate Buildings

Many policies will include or offer the option to add protection for other buildings on your property, like garages and sheds. Since these types of buildings tend to be less sturdy than a house, this could prove to be a valuable portion of your coverage.

3. Liability

The liability portion of homeowners insurance can protect your assets if someone is injured on your property due to negligence. This coverage can include injuries caused to people by your pets as well. If you have an aggressive dog, for example, liability coverage being included in your homeowner’s policy could prove to be a very good idea.

Frequently, your best course of action will be to get all your questions answered by your potential insurer. You can also do some comparisons between different companies to see what fits best. Often, asking an expert to just be honest with you will yield useful and positive results.