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Home décor is all about finding colors and accents that boost your mood and make you feel good. And, for most people, paint plays a huge role in promoting the positive energies throughout a home. So, take to heart the following color schemes to complement your interior design, while bringing positive vibes to your living space.

Teal and Suede Brown

These two colors are classics together. Reminiscent of native cultures, these colors represent soothing and relaxation. The teal is bright enough to lift your spirits, while the suede brown has a distinctive texture that tantalizes your senses. One great idea for these colors would be to use one for an accent wall and paint the remaining 3 walls in a room with the other color.

Coral and Aquamarine

These colors make you think of the ocean in paradise, with clear water-like overtones in the aquamarine and the pink-ish, sunset-like hues of coral. Beautiful indeed. The aquamarine is the star here, but you can throw in coral accent pieces, such as a vase or picture frames, throughout a room for contrast.

Varying Shades of Blue

Blue is, universally, a soothing and calming color. And there are hundreds of gorgeous shades to choose from, so you definitely have options. The best thing to do with blue is to pick several complementary tones, then do up a room with an accent wall and several different-toned accents. For example, cerulean, robin’s egg, and sky would look great together, while providing those relaxing vibes that put you in a good mood.

Bright Rainbow Colors, but Throughout a Room

Rainbow colors can be overwhelming in one place. You don’t want to plaster rainbows across every wall in a room, because that can overload your senses and result in one big headache. However, if you love lots of colors, consider subtly incorporating solid colors to give the appearance of a rainbow room—minus the migraine. For instance, paint the walls a vibrant red with a dulled orange accent wall. Then divvy up the other solid colors of the rainbow in accent pieces, such as a purple vase, a blue photo frame, and a yellow throw pillow.

Colors are amazing, for sure. Not just because they’re pretty and you can do so much with them, but because they have energies that affect your moods. To keep yourself looking on the positive side, use the aforementioned groups of contrasting colors to brighten your home life. Keep in mind that most color schemes are DIY, but you could always hire professional house painting contractors for larger projects.