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Almost 51 million Americans traveled at least 50 miles away from home to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2017 alone. That was over a 3% climb from the previous year, and growth can be expected to continue. After all, Thanksgiving is America’s second favorite holiday, after Christmas. Of course, the feasting holiday is a draw for so many that tempers are bound to be high and schedules can be quite tight. The end result is worth the effort as long as you can avoid a trip to the emergency room or contacting a Michigan personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, the stress and responsibilities surrounding Thanksgiving also increase the chances for personal injuries. But what are the most common personal injuries to watch out for over the long holiday weekend?

Kitchen Or Outdoor Fires

According to national research, more cooking-related fires occurred on Thanks giving between 2014 and 2016 than on any other day of the year. In fact, it was estimated that around 2,400 residential building fires occurred, causing 25 injuries, 5 deaths, and almost $20 million in property loss on that one day. Emergency reports discovered oven burns and oil burns from deep frying the turkey were the primary causes. Use proper protection when handling hot food or cooking apparatus. If using a deep fryer, follow the instructions, keep it outside, and don’t leave it unattended. And always keep a fire extinguisher close by.

Lacerations and Carving Accidents

Carving the turkey can be a momentous event for an honored guest or head of the household. But using the wrong knife, or mishandling the right one, can lead to serious injuries and “cut” the festivities short in a hurry. Add alcohol to the mix and you may be lucky to leave with the same amount of fingers or thumbs you had upon arrival. Watch for jagged bones and slivers from the carcass as well since that can be just as sharp and dangerous as a carving knife.

Food Poisoning

Once food is prepped, placed, and served, it often sits. Families and friends enjoy the assortment of goodies, each others company, and the food continues to sit. When cleaning up or reclaiming leftovers, the food is often stored incorrectly or improperly heated. This leads to bacteria contamination and food poisoning. According to the CDC, there are several simple things everyone can do to ensure proper food handling during the holidays. This includes washing hands regularly, separating specific foods and cutting or prep devices, cooking the turkey to 160 degrees, proper storage and reheating tactics, and discarding the leftover turkey after three days.

Traffic Accidents

It’s great fun to put together grocery lists and schedules for the upcoming holidays. But far too many people forget that loads of others are doing the same thing, so traffic is bound to be crazy. Thanksgiving traditionally has more auto accidents than New Years, and drunk driving accounts for around one-third of the holiday weekend fatalities. The National Safety Council estimated almost 49,000 injuries and over 420 fatalities during the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday weekend alone. So avoid alcohol when possible, keep your focus on the road, and make sure you have the number of a competent Michigan personal injury lawyer on hand. You never know when you’ll need it.