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As the colder weather hits, your home displays reminders of the previous seasons. Carpet is an essential part of modern living, but it acts as a giant filter. And modern carpet warranties are specific regarding the upkeep and maintenance required on the part of the owner. In fact, many home and business owners void their carpet warranties within the first couple years by simply avoiding one simple but crucial step: obtaining professional carpet cleaning. While bi-annual cleaning is preferred for active households, your carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Many people find it best to hold out until the end of the year. But why is that the case?

Vacuuming Is Just Not Enough

Carpet is a lovely addition to any interior. But the beauty and lifespan of that investment can be significantly reduced by neglecting its needs. Modern vacuums often promise the stars and have a hefty price tag attached to reflect those promises. While consistent vacuuming is essential to keep your home clean and your carpet healthy, it’s simply not enough. Even the most expensive and popular HEPA systems don’t provide enough suction and power to remove all irritants and debris. And each step ensures your family inhales the contaminants even after sucking up the surface gunk.

Say Goodbye to the Sniffles and Household Allergies

Sniffles aren’t always a sign of weather changes… at least not directly. However, as families tend to congregate indoors during the colder months, it often seems as though the weather is at fault. The truth is that the air inside your home is far dirtier than the air outside. Fecal matter, insect casings, and outdoor debris are just some common indoor contaminants. However, dust mites are the biggest cause of modern household allergens. Microscopic on their own, a teaspoon’s worth of “dust” contains up to 1,000 dust mites and 250,000 fecal remnants. And those remnants are the real problem. Since dust mites flourish in warm and moist conditions, your bedding, upholstery, and carpet are literally crawling with them. Good thing they’re easily controlled and eliminated with professional carpet cleaning in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

You Might Actually Impress the In-Laws

Holidays are stressful on their own, but adding extended family and loved ones to the mix can transform a happy holiday into a horrific one. But the looks of despair and annoyance from the dear in-laws don’t have to soil the season. Simply schedule your professional carpet cleaning appointment a few days before their arrival and watch in utter amusement as their minds scurry to find something else to complain about. Of course, fewer allergens in the home mean they’ll likely stay longer. But you could always burn the potatoes to balance that out.

You Can Secure a Great Deal

Everyone knows the holiday season is a great time to get some of the best deals. But so many people forget that extends to home improvement and maintenance needs as well. Give us a call for our professional carpet cleaning before trying to handle the season on your own. And discover just why the holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year to have your carpets professionally cleaned.