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Are you passionate about oral hygiene? Are you always seeking paths towards self-improvement? If the answer to both of these questions is “yes,” here are just four ways that you can become a better dentist. 1. Find a Niche While there’s nothing wrong with spending the majority of your time as a general practitioner, you can bring in more money if you specialize in something that directs new patients to your door. It can be as simple as teeth whitening; it can be as complex as overbite correction. The most important thing is that you become an expert in it. 2. Improve Your Waiting Room It’s a universal truth that patients hate waiting rooms. If you can make yours a little more entertaining, however, your patients might forget to be annoyed. Think about installing high-def televisions that can play popular movies and music videos. Start a “kids’ corner” that you can fill with toys, games, puzzles and stuffed animals. You can even scatter a few anti-anxiety tools around the room. Patients might feel calmer about their appointments if they have access to fidget spinners. 3. Upgrade Your Equipment If you’re still using the same dental equipment that came with the office when you purchased it back in 1970, it’s time to make a change. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on fancy things that you never use, but don’t be afraid to drop a few bucks on something that sees a lot of action. When’s the last time that you upgraded your X-ray machine? 4. Stay in the Loop Don’t collect dust in your clinic while the rest of the industry passes you by. If you’re serious about staying on the cutting edge of dental affairs, you’ll need to remain in the loop when it comes to news, breakthroughs and product announcements. Subscribe to an implant dentistry magazine. Follow the industry titans on social media. Keep yourself appraised of new developments. Teeth might be your passion, but unless you’re running a smooth, successful clinic, it isn’t going to pay your bills. Use these tips to improve your career as a dentist.