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The lighting in your home can say a lot about you. Don’t you want to make its message a good one? If you’re ready to do something different than standard-issue bulbs and domes, here are just four ways to make changes to your interior lighting.

1. Have a Theme

Well-decorated rooms usually have a theme of some kind. For example, your bathroom might be decked out in “Hollywood glam” that includes vanity lights, or your living room might be “cozy country” that includes wooden lamps and rustic sconces. It’s up to you to decide which theme will make a splash in your home.

2. Switch Out the Bulbs

If you’re still using halogen bulbs, it’s time to upgrade. Compact florescent lights (CFLs) offer the same level of brightness and intensity without the accompanying energy demands. Your power bill will thank you for making the switch! Speaking of florescents, you might also want to look into something like a fluorescent starter if your house has a lot of them. They can be quite convenient for the modern homeowner.

3. Get Creative

There are dozens of ways to brighten up your living space. From chandeliers in the dining room to hanging pendant lights in the den, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, so don’t stick to old-fashioned arrangements just because they’re familiar. Dare to dream about something new. Put fairy lights over the stairs. Install candle holders on your walls. Put bar lights over the windows.

4. Change It Up

The great thing about lighting is that it’s impermanent. With the exception of, say, skylights, everything can be repainted, moved around or given a different shade cover. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting arrangements if you aren’t completely satisfied with your first attempt. Exploration is half of the fun of home design!

These are just a few ways to jazz up your interior lighting. As you can see, you have many different style and design options, so don’t feel boxed in by whatever ideas are currently trendy in home-and-garden magazines. Free your imagination!