The CAT exam is conducted by the IIMs every year on a rotational basis. IIM Lucknow is responsible for conducting CAT 2017 and the notification for the same has already been released. With over 2.5 lakh candidates registering for the exam every year, the CAT exam has become highly competitive in the recent times.

The candidates need to be well prepared for the exam to ace it and get into their preferred B-School. Knowing the latest CAT Exam Pattern and syllabus is very crucial for proper preparation. The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) is one of the three sections in the CAT exam; the other two being Quantitative Aptitude (QA) and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (LIDR).

The VARC section is one of the crucial sections for most of the competitive exams including the CAT exam. Being one of the easiest and fast scoring sections, the VARC has become extremely important for the candidates to improve their scores. Though many candidates get along well with this section, many find it difficult to grasp. So, to help the MBA aspirants crack the CAT exam, here are 7 rules to excel in CAT VARC section.

  • For Reading Comprehension

The reading comprehension questions involve a passage from which a set of related questions are asked. The reading comprehension is the most time taking segment in the VARC section.

Tip 1:

Make a habit of reading

With a proper reading habit, reading and understanding the passages become quicker and easier. So, develop reading habits by regularly going through newspapers and magazines. Also, solve comprehension questions on regular intervals to analyse the improvement.

Tip 2:

Read Passages and Options Simultaneously

Reading the answer options along with the passages simultaneously helps to eliminate choices and leaves behind fewer options to choose from. This way, solving the related questions become faster and more accurate.

  • For Vocabulary Questions

The exam includes several vocabulary-based questions where the candidates are required to answer either synonyms or antonyms of some particular words. This is the least time taking section and should be attempted in the beginning.

Tip 3:

Work on Improving Vocabulary

Vocabulary is vast and it requires the candidates to slowly improve their knowledge on different words and their usage. So, the candidates should keep learning new words every day and implement their usage in normal conversation to remember them.

  • For Sentence Completion and Correction

The sentence completion includes the questions on fill in the blanks where the candidates are required to choose an option with a particular word or phrase that makes the question sentence complete. In sentence correction, a question sentence will be given and the candidates are expected to identify the mistake in the sentence.

Tip 4:

Improve Grammar Skills

Both the sentence completion and correction require the candidates to be well-versed with the basic grammar and its usage. So, start improving the grammar skills and follow a standard grammar book.

  • For Para Jumbles and Critical Reasoning

In Para Jumbles questions, a set of sentences will be given and the candidates need to arrange them in a meaningful order. The critical reasoning segment includes questions which test the ability of the candidates to analyse logical arguments. The Para jumbles require proper grammar skills and critical reasoning require a logical approach to different topics.

Tip 5:

Ensure Proper Practice

A proper practice is very crucial for attempting the VARC questions. With proper and honest practice, candidates get well-versed with the questions and become faster while solving and deducing arguments.

Tip 6:

Take Mocks and Solve Previous Year Papers

Solving previous year papers acquaints the candidates with the question types and level of the questions in the exam and the CAT mock tests help the candidates to analyse their preparation along with improving accuracy and speed of solving the questions.

Along with these tips, the candidates are required to strategize their approach for the exam. Strategizing the approach can help to attempt number of questions accurately. One of the most important strategies for the CAT exam is “Time Management”.

Tip 7:

Proper Time Management

It is always suggested to frame personalised time management strategies for the exam. While some find the Reading Comprehension easy, others struggle to understand the passages. So, formulate a strategy based on personal preferences and strong points. It is suggested to attempt the easier RC passages first and then the other sections quickly. At the end, look through the unattempted passages and answer the related questions. Make sure to spend time on the Critical Reasoning questions since they are a bit tricky and confusing.

These tips are extremely useful to excel in VARC section and thereby get excellent score in the CAT exam. The candidates are required to be well versed with the latest CAT Exam Pattern and syllabus to start preparing for the exam properly. The MBA aspirants are also expected to be honestly dedicated for the exam to ace it and get into their preferred management schools.

Being a prerequisite for admissions in IIMs and numerous other B-Schools in the country, the CAT exam attracts huge competition from the management aspirants. So, the candidates need to equip themselves with the best study materials, mock test series and proper counseling to stand ahead of the other competitors.

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