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For those who work in automotive repair shops as well as for their customers, accurately diagnosing what’s wrong with the vehicle is critical. Whether you are looking for answers to why the malfunction indicator lamp is on or are trying to figure out what is making “that sound,” it is important that you have the proper tools for the job. Some of the best tools include wrenches, exhaust gas analyzers, and wireless stethoscopes.


Whether you prefer an air ratchet that can really handle the torque or prefer a wrench that is battery-powered, you have to admit that you need something to help remove and install all those nuts and bolts. Many mechanics like the idea of battery power over using compressed air for certain jobs. Of course, the trick is to be sure that you fully engage the threads before using any kind of wrench. You don’t want to strip the bolts.

Exhaust Gas Analyzers

When the MIL indicator is on, you are concerned about the emissions levels of the vehicle. But nearly 70 percent of cases where the indicator is on do not result in the levels being above normal levels. That is why having a portable exhaust gas analyzer on hand to test the emissions is necessary. If the levels are not increased, you can reset the MIL and your customers can be on their way. If the levels are high, you have confirmed for yourself and your customers that you need to do the work necessary to fix the issue.

Wireless Stethoscopes

One of the most common issues mechanics are asked to fix is related to strange noises in the vehicle. Using a stethoscope is a very handy way to help you determine the culprit. The beauty of wireless technology is that you now have a tool to help find a noise that only happens while the car is being driven.

Having the right tools can make all the difference. As a mechanic, be sure to choose the best wrenches, exhaust analyzers and noise detection equipment for your needs. Your customers will be glad you did!