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If you are the owner of a commercial garage, it will be not only be where work is performed, but it must hold all the things needed to do this work. There will typically be a variety of tools, screws, nuts, bolts, and other things that are used daily that do not have a home. You know how easily these things can end up on the floor. In addition to the time wasted looking for something that is needed, these items can be dangerous if someone slips and falls.

Create Storage for Everything

Racks mounted to the ceiling can provide storage for large tools to free up space on the floor. If the ceilings are high, use racks with pulleys so whatever is needed can be pulled down without the need to climb. Shelves are another option for items that are bulky or need to be put in a place where it is easy to see what is needed with a glance.

Pegboard can be used for tools or parts that can be hung. Many of the tools that are used in garages are quite expensive. If your garage offers roadside assistance, metal boxes are strong and durable. They can provide a secure spot for locking up your tools that are used for this purpose. An example of a company that offers aluminum tool truck boxes is Stor-All.

Clean Up Area

Of course, in a garage you will need an area with access to water. A sink can be placed in one corner or the back of the garage. This is necessary for washing your hands or other things that must be cleaned with soap and water. By placing it in an out of the way spot, it reduces the chance of accidentally getting water on the floor where people are working and someone having an accident.

Using a little ingenuity will allow you to set up your garage so that it is easy to find everything when it is needed. It will also make for a safer work area, because the floor is not constantly littered with parts and tools.