Bengalis are known for their magnificence. They believe in the best of things and can be clearly witnessed in their lifestyle, their food, mannerisms and even their laughter. This is also seen in their celebrations.

Their celebrations are filled with opulence, are majestic and something one should be a part of. This is also seen in their wedding celebrations. It is filled with so much warmth and joy that planning and being part a Bengali wedding is, in plain words, fun.

A Bengali Wedding, popularly known as a ‘Biye’ is quite a visual extravaganza. A slew of traditional rituals is performed at this wedding, amid a riot of vibrant colors and beautiful decorations. The customs are elaborate with celebrations, spanning for two to three days. Even if it is a simple affair, it involves certain costs, which are imperative and cannot be avoided.

Now, if you are a Bengali prepping up for your big day you would know all about these rituals?

While you may know about them, how do plan to finance your big Bengali wedding? Thinking about breaking your parents’ fixed deposits? No, that’s not a good idea. It is a bad plan to be dependent on your parents despite having a job yourself, nor is it a good idea to spoil their retirement plan.

So what is the other option? Simply take a wedding loan. A wedding loan is nothing but a kind of a personal loan that is given for the purpose of sponsoring the wedding expenses. From food to venue to gifts, dresses and even honeymoon, a wedding involves a gamut of expenses. With a wedding loan you can easily fund all these expenses, and if possible, save some amount for unforeseen expenses that may crop up after the wedding. Say, for instance, you might need to take up a new house, or buy a new fridge or a TV or a bed or a microwave. These expenses can also come out of your wedding loan.

There is, in fact, no restriction on the way you spend the money that you get as a personal loan for your wedding. You can even use the wedding loan money to book accommodation for out-stationed guests or buy gifts for friends and family.

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Now that your funds are sorted, let’s take a look at the major cost areas involved in a Bengali wedding. For that, let’s look at the major functions involved in a Bengali wedding.

Paka Katha or Pati Potro: This is like a formal meeting between the bride’s family and the groom’s family. They meet to decide upon the wedding date and the various other nitty-gritty of the marriage. Only immediate family members attend this ritual, and a small feast has to be arranged for them. Since it close family, you would obviously go out of your way to serve the best food. You can use a small part of your wedding loan to cater for a special meal on this joyous day.

Aiburobhat: This is kind of a bridal shower which takes place on the afternoon or night before the wedding day. Usually, close friends and relatives come to the bride’s house and shower her with gifts. A  ritual similar to this is observed at the groom’s place, too. This is also one more cost area on both sides and must be considered while calculating the wedding loan.

Birddhi Puja: The father of both the bride and groom perform this ritual in their respective houses. This is also quite an elaborate puja and involves quite a bit of expenditure as fruits, vegetables, rice, clothes etc have to be offered. Just by reading about this ritual, you would know that it will cost some big bucks. Instead of letting the parents pay for this ceremony, you can use your wedding loan to share the costs.

Tattwa: Tattwa is the wedding trousseau. Decorated trays containing clothes, cosmetics, shoes, bags as well as sweets and savories are sent to the bride’s house from the groom’s house on the morning of the wedding. It also contains clothes for other family members of the bride. A similar Tattwa is also sent from the bride’s house to that of the groom’s place containing clothes for the groom and his parents and other family members alongside sweets. Sweets like rasgulla, Sandesh and sweet curd or mishtidoi is a must for the Tattwa. The Tattwa is a cost-intensive affair as a lot of gifts are sent as part of this trousseau. A huge part of the wedding cost involves the Tattwa, and hence it must definitely be taken into account while making an assessment for the wedding loan.

Ashirbaad: Ashirbaad means blessings. This takes place just before the wedding in the evening. This ritual involves gifting of jewellery such as a gold chain or gold buttons and ring, alongside other expensive gifts such as watch to the groom. The same ritual is repeated with the bride when the bride’s relatives bless the bride and gift her jewellery. Obviously, all this gold comes at a cost, and a wedding loan is most essential to fund the purchase of these jewellery items.

The actual wedding eventually takes place in the evening and involves a host of other rituals. This is followed by a reception and a grand feast. Knowing Bengalis and their love for food, you will have to serve the best food. None of these things come cheap however, with a wedding loan you can manage all these expenses quite easily.

Planning a Big Bengali wedding does not have to create a dent in your savings or force your parents to break open theirs. A personal loan for a wedding is the answer that will help you pay for all these rituals and more.