Image result for Adding an Addition to the Home: Basic Guidelines for a Successful Project

Some properties can be greatly improved with an addition. It might be just one room, or you can opt for an entire story to be constructed onto the main home. Regardless of the addition’s size, constructing it will be a big job. Explore the basics surrounding additions onto a home so that you’re prepared for everything.

Think of the Big Picture

Before you hammer any nails into the structure, think of the big picture. Go outside of your home. Look at the property from the curb. Gaze up and down the street. After an addition, your home should still fit into the neighborhood. If you’re planning on building a mansion in a middle-class neighborhood, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Build an addition that looks like it’s an original part of the home.

Secure the Permits

With a clear design ready to go, work with a contractor who prioritizes permit allocation. No work can even begin without city permits in hand. Reputable contractors will advocate for the permits. They know what needs to be done to the structure for the addition. Homeowners shouldn’t have to perform this task.

Consult With a Surveyor

If there are any questions about property lines or elevations, it’s a good idea to look for land surveyors in my area. A surveyor uses complex instruments in order to verify property lines and aberrations. As a result, you can safely add to the home without compromising the property lines.

Stick to a Project Timeline

Every construction project has a timeline. Ask for the information from your foreman. As the customer, you have a say when it comes to timing the project. Ask for updates on a weekly basis too. The timeline should be relatively accurate so that everyone is on the same page.

Always choose a contractor who has experience with additions. Many contractors are accustomed to piece work, which is entirely different than constructing a new structure. With the right professionals by your side, an addition can be a real value to your property.