As our infrastructure becomes more and more of a priority for agencies all over the country, there are going to be more men and women out there getting that work done. No matter what season or time of year, road worker safety should always be priority number one for everyone. Let’s work together to make sure everyone is staying safe and getting the job done the right way out there.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Unfortunately, not everyone will be paying attention to what’s going on. This is why having as much situational awareness as possible is the key to life and death on the work site. High-visibility apparel and accessories can go a long way in aiding everyone out there with this, but it is also very important for everyone to be alert and pay attention to their surroundings.

Get To Know Automated Devices

We are living in an amazing age of technology and it would do us all well to embrace it. These days, there are a ton of effective automated devices that can help us stay alive out there. An automated flagger assistance device is a great example. While it will not eliminate the need for humans out on the roads, it will go a long to preventing unnecessarily placing humans in harm’s way.

Let There Be Light

It helps to be seen to be safe. The high-visibility apparel can go a long way, but making sure all work areas are well-lit is a must. There are plenty of lighting options available that can help ensure the safety of all workers.

It takes everyone to make sure we all get home safely. Be alert, be seen, and avoid any unnecessary exposure to danger. The work needs to be done, and it needs to be done safely for everyone.