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A horse is a rewarding experience as long as you take proper care of your equine companion. You’ll show them care by petting, grooming, and riding them in addition to an occasional treat. Keep in mind that this care is a 365 day a year commitment with your horse reaching 35 years of age or more. The amount you pay for your horse is inexpensive when compared to the cost of basic care. Be realistic about your budget before bringing them home.

Food and Water

The average horse will consume 20 pounds of food along with drinking up to eight gallons of water daily. Most horses need two grain feedings per day with access to hay or a pasture throughout the rest of the day. They have fairly small stomachs and a delicate digestive system so they do better grazing all day long rather than being served only two large meals.

Hoof Maintenance

Horses require routine shoeing and hoof trimming. You should plan on using farrier services for this.

Veterinary Care

Once a year your horse will need to be vaccinated. Veterinarians also provide them with dental care and emergency medical services which can be costly. They may also recommend cetyl m for horses which you can purchase online from merchants like EHP Products, Inc. An anti-parasite regimen will also be prescribed.


Your horse will need a safe, dry, and comfortable place that will protect them from wind, rain, and snow. During the sunnier months, this shelter will provide them shade along with an escape from insects. The least you could offer them is a three sided shed that they have access to at all times. The manure will need to be removed daily.


In addition to riding him, your horse needs room to roam. Provide a pasture or paddock that is safely bordered with a sturdy fence. Avoid barbed wire.

Before you decide a horse is right for you, consider the time, expense, and love you will need to invest in their care. Once you agree to this commitment, you will be able to bring home your new equine friend. As long as you take good care of your horse, you will have a companion for many years to come.