Most of the vehicles need to go through oil changes between major servicing schedules. Now, most of us happen to do these changes and minor repairs from roadside local chain stores. While you may take your car to these local shops, their limited services and cheap prices, can ruin the health of the car. Some of these local stores might be trustworthy and honest, but the mechanics who work there are not at all experienced and experts, when compared with mechanics in dealership store or a full service automotive shop, as people like to call them.

Sometimes, going to these local stores, might also mean that you need to come to for servicing more frequently, because the oil they would use for oil change is not up to the mark, and will degrade the overall health of the car. Now, in this article, we will discuss why you should go to a full service automotive shop or a dealership store every time something is wrong with your car.

Primary Care

The mechanics and technicians of the full service automotive shop are very experienced and experts in what they do. They have a wide understanding of every make and model of cars. Their education in this line, enables them to repair new car models, and they are also very proficient in handing old car models, which has a very complex system. While you take your car to a full service automotive shop, the first thing they will do is, they will check your car for problems. A thorough check of your car is done initially, and after checking for issues, they will list the issues they found, and will also say the approximate repair costs. They can also give you tips about how to enhance the durability of the car, when the car is under rough weather conditions. Moreover, the technicians at a full-service shop also has exposure to problems that a customer might bring, and hence, they can solve it better within a short span of time.


Most of us think that, going in to a full-service shop will cost you more. But, if we think a about the long-term perspective, this is absolutely wrong. Full service shops actually have a very nominal service charge, and it is absolutely wrong that these shops cost a fortune. Also, going in to a low-cost repair shop would mean that you need to come back sooner than you need to in a full-service shop. Once you repair your car from a full service shop you will get a warranty. The technicians also won’t cut corners in a full-service repair shop, because they are paid on their performance basis, and they would service your car in an individualized basis.

More Attention to Customer

The technicians and mechanics in the full-service shops believe in building relationships with the customer. They know that a recommendation from their customer can go a long way for the betterment of the store. As with any other service based business, the full-service automated shops also understand, that a customer’s word can go a long way for the business. Hence, they work on building good relationships with the customer. That is also another reason that, in these shops, the technicians and the mechanics work on a one-on-one or individual basis.

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