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A healthy diet will contain essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function, but sometimes illnesses and other conditions can affect the way the body produces these natural components or absorbs them from the food a person ingests. In these situations, natural supplements can help fill the gap. Brands like Ecological Formulas create supplements that, when taken under the supervision of a health provider, can increase health and wellness. Read on to learn about some of the supplements that can be found over the counter.


This supplement is important for digestive health. It contains fatty acids from coconut oil that help with inflammation in the gut, and it also contains the mineral calcium. Calcium can decrease the acidity of stomach acid which can lead to fewer instances of heartburn.


Containing vitamin B1 and the minerals calcium and phosphorus, this supplement works on multiple parts of the body. This combination not only helps to protect the heart and brain, but it also increases the strength of the bones and teeth.


This supplement contains a mixture of natural fatty acids, vitamin E, iodine, and activated charcoal. Fatty acids help decrease inflammation throughout the body, and activated charcoal has been shown to have detoxifying properties.

Beta Carotene

Naturally found in carrots, beta carotene is known to be important for eyesight. The high levels of vitamin A in beta carotene supplements also help improve the health of the skin and the brain.


This supplement contains essential levels of vitamin B5. It increases body metabolism and supports the liver as it detoxifies the body. Pantethine also improves heart health by decreasing cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Natural supplements are an easy way to guarantee your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to function at its best. By using a trusted company and researching the variety of supplements available, you can find the right one to improve your health and wellness.