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Designing an attractive landscape that enhances the curb appeal of your home may be high on your priority list. As you plan the design, you can incorporate elements that will not only improve your home’s curb appeal but also increase your safety and privacy. Adding extra layers of protection can help give you peace of mind.

Plants in the Landscape

When adding trees and shrubs to your yard, plant them so that they do not block windows or provide hiding places for intruders. Keep shrubs trimmed so that they don’t grow above the windows. Accent lighting can enhance the beauty of your yard. Illumination can also discourage someone from lurking around your house in the evening.


Fences can dramatically enhance your landscape. A fancing contractor in Lake County IL can guide you through the selection process to assure that you have the most appropriate type fence installed. Chain link fencing is ideal for creating a safe play space for children and for keeping pets confined to your yard. A fancing contractor in Lake County, Il can assist you in choosing decorative fencings such as wood, wrought iron and vinyl fencing that will increase the curb appeal, safety and privacy of your home and yard. You may also want to get their advice on choosing the most appropriate gate for your fencing.


Intruders don’t want to be noticed. Adding layers of exterior lighting can assure that your property is too well-lit for intruders to venture up to your door or windows. Landscape lighting, a front porch light and motion sensor lights can be included in your exterior design plan. Don’t forget to add lighting to every entrance and to the garage area.

An uncluttered yard is more attractive than a yard with tools and lawn equipment scattered around. Leaving items with handles such as a shovel or rake lying around provides an intruder with something to break a window with. It’s best to lock your lawn and garden tools in a shed that has a motion sensor light.