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With so much competition from local and online businesses, standing out as a company today takes extra effort. It ultimately comes down to your customer-service skills to win anyone over. Learn how to treat your clients like royalty so that they’ll come back time and time again.

Provide the Truth

Customers are savvy individuals. They know that there are limitations to some orders. If you’re having a problem with an order, communicate the situation to the customer. It’s better to tell them the truth about their order. Telling them that the order will take two days when it really requires two weeks will only create problems. It’s always better to know the hard truth.

Answer the Call

It’s easy to let a system pick up your phone calls into the office, but it’s incredibly impersonal. Try to have a human being pick up the phone for each call. If one line is busy, the call might be forwarded to the next assistant at the office. Personal touches equate to stellar, customer service.

Be Part Heavy

If you’re a service provider, try to keep as many of your commonplace parts in stock as possible. A deaerator supplier should have their popular parts ready to go, for example. Most customers can’t be down without their boiler or other appliance. Certain instances might call for a part backorder. An unusual part that never breaks doesn’t have to be in stock. Customers normally understand this scenario.

Discount When Appropriate

A customer may be paying for a huge sale. There’s a small part that they need on the side. Negotiations begin for a bulk order. In these cases, try to discount the part or offer it as a complementary piece to the larger pie. There’s no need to haggle over a $10 part when the ultimate sale might be in the five figures.

Pay careful attention to online reviews too. People’s perceptions of your service are just as important as your efforts. Respond to both negative and positive comments. You can’t please everyone, but you can show your professionalism with each post.