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When people are sick and seek medical help, they are entrusting doctors to take care of their health. Unfortunately, there are times when the medical staff is negligent and fails to use reasonable care while administering treatment. Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional injures a patient by not providing care that conforms to the acceptable standards of practice within the medical community. There is a wide range of errors and mistakes that can significantly impact a patient’s life, but certain types of medical malpractice claims are quite common.

Emergency Room Errors

The emergency room environment can be chaotic and disconcerting, but doctors and nurses are still expected to provide quality care to their patients. The medical staff attempts to give adequate care to every patient in an efficient manner but mistakes may still occur. Errors that are likely to transpire in an emergency room include misreading medical charts or test results, delaying a diagnosis that puts the patient’s life at risk, or failing to properly monitor the patient.


Correctly diagnosing a patient’s medical condition is a crucial part of providing the type of healthcare the patient needs. If it is reasonable to expect that another doctor would have been able to diagnosis the medical condition in a timely manner, the patient’s physician could be held liable for any injuries or damages caused by his actions. Doctors tend to misdiagnosis symptoms that reveal the onset of a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or traumatic internal injuries.

Mistakes with Administering Prescription Drugs

There are several ways that a patient could be subjected to an error involving medication. The doctor may have misdiagnosed the patient’s medical condition and prescribed the wrong type of prescription drugs. The doctor could have prescribed the correct medication, but listed the wrong dosage. Sometimes, the medical equipment malfunctions and the patient may receive an improper amount of the drugs that they need. Mistakes regarding prescription medication can also occur when the patient is being treated by nurses or retrieving their medication from a pharmacy.

Medical malpractice cases are very complex. Experienced attorneys in Ocala FL understand both the medical and legal issues that pertain to each case. By consulting with an attorney, you’ll find out if you have a valid claim and will be able to evaluate your legal options.