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Farming operations of various sizes rely on hay to supplement animal pasture grazing throughout the year. Drought prevents natural grasses from growing. Cold weather can cause grass and other plants to lie dormant. Animals who rely on pasture for eating need hay during those times of the year to stay healthy. Hay offers a great way to supplement their diet, but a large hay bale can be difficult to move without a hay spear.

Spear Options

Using your tractor to move those heavy hay bales makes your job easier. A bale spear Tractor Supply menu shows you a variety of options to use your tractor to move hay. The spears generally feature three points, but they may feature two to four spears for holding the hay onto the bale spear. Some use hydraulics and they vary in price from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. They range in size to hold different weights of bales.

Baling Process

Farmers plant and grow crops such as wheat, oats and alfalfa then cut them green. Hay has been used to feed animals for thousands of years. The once manual process is now sped up thanks to modern machinery. The hay is cut with a mower attached to a tractor then left to partially dry. Then raked into windrows where it continues to dry before baling. Baling equipment picks up the hay and rolls it into the round bales you see sitting in fields along the highway.

Easily Transport

Get your hay bales out of the rain and off the trailer with a hay spear. Move them easily to your outbuilding or barn where you store it to keep the rain from rotting it.

Moving hay bales doesn’t require a bale spear, but the process is more difficult and harder on the farmer’s body. If you have many bales to move, the hay spear is doubly appealing. The investment in the equipment helps you get more out of the tractor you already own.