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When searching for the perfect summer camp for your child, every parent wants to find one that is unique, fulfilling, safe yet fun! Choices are countless. There are day camps, weekend camps, university camps, out-of-state and study abroad camps. Some camps offer very few spots and have a competitive acceptance process; others have very few requirements. Here are a few considerations to think about when comparing various camps.

Cultural diversity
Does the camp incorporate cultural diversity? For example, the Chinese immersion summer camp in Guangzhou, China hosts students for a three-week culture and language learning experience. While immersed in a culturally diverse environment, students learn about the local customs and history of the area. They also learn about local cuisine, arts, writing, language and expression.

One great aspect of summer camps abroad is that it helps students understand the country’s culture and history by viewing the different historic sites in person. When deciding on a summer camp, determine whether or not there are sightseeing tours included in the experience. If there are tours included, some programs charge additional fees to participate.

Being prepared for any unforeseen additional costs of a summer camp is critical. Before making a short list of potential summer camps that your child will attend, calculate the costs that are covered in the tuition for each camp. Many summer camp programs abroad do not include things such as souvenirs, airfare, visa, travel insurance or medical insurance.

Ultimately, finding the perfect summer camp for your kids can seem like a daunting task given the vast number of options available. However, if you consider at least three things when conducting your search, it can be a fairly easy task. First, consider whether or not the location of the summer camp offers cultural diversity. Ideally, your child can learn about a new culture or learn a new language over the summer. Secondly, determine if your child will have the option to tour historical sites while at the camp. Lastly, be sure to analyze any costs that are not included in the tuition in order to calculate how much extra money your child will need.