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Your construction business has been thriving as a community success lately, but it might be hard to find and keep good, reliable, reputable laborers. Sometimes the job is simply too much of a physical and mental demand. However, when you find a new laborer for your construction business, make sure you put them through these four training steps.

If There’s Online Training Lessons, Get Those Out of the Way First

Before any hands-on experience, get the online training videos and safety researches on the interwebs out of the way first. While the jobs are probably outdoors, the internet sections are boring but important. So, stick your newbie in an office for a few hours to get all of the electronic must-haves done.

Gauge Experience, Then Provide Hands-on Training with a Shadow Mentor

Some people you hire have been in construction before, while others are merely hobbyists with a knack for building and creating awesome stuff. Whatever the case, you need to gauge their experience by examining their hobbies, interests, education, and work histories. Then give them a mentor to shadow for at least a week. This will provide them with hands-on training to ensure you’re not simply tossing them into the proverbial fire of the job.

Allow Room for Small Errors, But Ensure Safety Regulations are Taken Seriously at ALL Times

Safety regulations should be the ONE thing you get through to a new worker. Safety is number one important when it comes to the construction business, as a misstep or a mistake could result in serious damages, injuries, or even death. That said, allow room for small first-timer errors, such as forgetting to close a window or installing a door the wrong way. These types of small oopsies can be retaught, forgiven, and fixed.

Let Senior Employees Be Your Eyes and Ears

You can’t be shadowing your newbies every minute of the day, so discreetly assign the tasks to your senior employees. Senior in this sense means the workers that have been with you the longest and have proven themselves reliable. These respectable workers are sure to appreciate the responsibilities of a safe, smart work zone, while being your eyes, ears, and helping hands where needed.