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You bought that fixer-upper knowing that the counters had to go. The cultured marble look has you stuck in the ‘90s. You’ve put up with the outdated look for too long now and it’s time to update your home and secure your investment. With all the choices out there today, why granite countertops Lewisville tx?

Increases Your Value

You got that great price for a reason. Outdated flooring and builder-grade countertops are part of the reason that your home wasn’t appraised for more. Buyers want to feel that they are investing in quality. One of the ways to instantly upgrade that look and add value is by choosing granite. Another reason that stone can help boost your investment is that it is eco-friendly. Many buyers today are looking for green homes. Granite is a natural stone with no added resins or polymers.

Complements Any Decor

There are endless varieties of granite. Since it is a natural stone made up of both rock and minerals, there is a whole spectrum of colors and combinations that make it easy to find one to match your room. Your daughter is dead set on a pink bathroom? Yes, you can find pink granite. Want a modern look? Black granite may be for you. If you are more classic in your décor, there are numerous color combinations that are still neutral yet unique.

Fits Every Budget

While some may think that granite is out of reach for their budget, you may be surprised to know that, compared to quartz, it is frequently less expensive. There are also ways to reduce the price, such as using tiles instead of a full slab. If you still want the smooth look, consider a thinner slab. Some colors or color combinations may also be cheaper than others.

Don’t wait any longer to have the home you want. You will be surprised that you really can have the look you envisioned.