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If you’re planning on building a deck, there are a few design ideas that you might want to consider. While you’re in the planning process and talking to a new deck Bowie MD company, you need to think about the function that you want from the deck and the size that you can afford for your budget. You should also think about how many people will use the deck and the ages of the people who will be on the deck as stairs and gates are good additions if there are young children or people who might not be able to get to the deck area easily without assistance.

An idea to consider if you enjoy relaxing and don’t want your neighbors to see what you’re doing all the time is to build a retaining wall beside the deck. The wall can be made using the same kind of materials or with materials that completely block sounds, such as concrete blocks or bricks. Place patio furniture on an upper section of the deck and a daybed on a lower section so that you have somewhere to entertain family and friends and somewhere to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature when no one else is there.

Keep bugs away from your deck by adding a screen around the perimeter. An enclosed deck will also allow for adding lights, a ceiling fan and other amenities that can transform the addition into an extra room instead of just a deck. Tiering your deck delivers a stunning design instead of a simple flat space that can sometimes become cluttered with a grill, chairs, a table and other items that you keep outside. Use the slope of the yard when building your deck. You can add a stairway from the bottom of the yard to reach the house. Another option would be to add a platform area at the base of the deck for more sitting space.