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If you’ve always wanted to bottle up and sell a food product like barbecue sauce, a contract packager can help you do that with minimal cost. Contract packagers package food products for other food companies that don’t have enough volume to have their own plant.

Develop and Market Your Product

Before you can package a product at commercial scale, you’ll need to develop a recipe and gain some interest from grocery stores in carrying it. Contract packagers may be able to give you leads for consultants who can help you.

Create packaging for Your Product

Labels, commercial packaging Minneapolis, boxes and all elements of your trade dress help sell your product and keep it safe as it goes to the market. You should check with your contract packaging company to find out what their equipment is capable of handling. Unique dispensing options can make the difference between success and failure in the marketplace.

Develop a Production Schedule for Your Product

When working with a contract packaging company, you’ll need to produce your product in large production runs to achieve economy. Commercial packaging Minneapolis will often have minimum orders you’ll need to meet. You may need to restrict the varieties that you sell until larger volumes are in demand, because line changes are costly. If your product has a short shelf life, you’ll need to balance the cost of doing shorter runs against the potential for product waste if it all doesn’t sell.

Warehouse Your Product

Most contract packagers offer warehousing and fulfillment services in addition to manufacturing. These services also cost money, so once again you need to balance the cost of shorter production runs with the cost of storage.

A contract packager can help you control production costs in the early stages of producing your food product. They also postpone the stage at which you need to borrow or raise money to invest in a production facility.