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Getting your product on a store shelf isn’t always simple. It takes grit and strategy to find the right location, price and market. Over the next few months, you’ll need to network with companies, create contacts and remain open to criticism. Remain hopeful, with perseverance and heart, you may see your item in a store very soon. Here are 3 things that could expedite the process.

Market It

As you finalize your concepts, start talking to businesses. A final product isn’t needed before you begin discussions. Ask managers questions about their needs, share how your object could outperform current merchandise or offer a novel concept. If you don’t have it available yet, answer based on research and expectations. Sell it, and present it with a smile. Companies can take pre-orders. If that’s not possible, then get them excited about generating revenue from your idea.

Price It

Work with financial consultants to understand numbers. Making a product and profiting from it are two different things. Have you considered the market value of the item? What is currently available, and is yours cheaper or better? Will you generate enough money from the sales to cover costs and make money? The success of the company and your future hinges on these ideas. Keep detailed records, seek out deals and discuss methods to cut costs. Low overhead might help create more revenue.

Ship It

You may start out shipping small boxes out, offering them samples or small sales. Down the road, though, you’ll need to send out truckloads. How do you plan to get a large order to a company? Look for a viable means of transportation, thinking about safety, price and efficiency. Because it’s early on, you may not get a contract with a trucking agency. Instead, go online and research find hopper loads. It’s an independent corporation that can locate an empty truck on your time frame, not theirs.

When an idea becomes reality, it’s a time for celebration. Don’t stop short of the finish line. Fight hard to see it on the shelves, enjoying profits too.