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An inspection of your home, concentrating on issues that will make it more energy efficient, can help save you money. Several areas of the home could have problems that are costing you more than you think. Of course, most people think immediately of doors and windows, but ceilings, floors, and attics can cause the loss of cool air or heat.

What Should be Inspected?

The entire house including the exterior should be inspected. Siding can become cracked or worn and allow heat and air loss, especially if the insulation is not continuous. Attics without insulation or that have insufficient insulation are magnets for cool air from below. Likewise, the heat from outside can come through the roof into the attic and heat up your home. Both situations cause heating and cooling units to work harder and costs more.

Check Doors and Windows

Often doors and windows are one of the areas of the home that cause heat and air loss. Your home may have been built several years ago when building codes were not as focused on energy efficiency. Make sure there are no cracks around windows and doors. If your windows are single pane, opt for double-pane to increase energy efficiency. Just changing the glass is far less expensive than replacing the entire window. Glass and Mirror Outlet is a company that offers minneapolis glass for this purpose.

Heat Water More Efficiently

One of the biggest expenses in your home is your water heater. There are a lot of daily activities that require hot water from showering to washing dishes. Water is constantly being heated, and this can have a huge impact on energy costs. A good way to reduce this cost is to make certain you have an energy efficient water heater. Lower the temperature of the water heater. A recommended setting is 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although these are just a few of the ways to improve your home’s energy consumption, an inspection can help. By finding other problems that you may not be aware of, and correcting them, your home will be more energy efficient and you will save money.