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If you’re like most people who are busy at the office these days, the majority of your time is spent sitting at your desk, working on your computer. For this reason, it can be highly important to have a comfortable workspace that you can spend hours in without feeling cramped or unmotivated. Here are three ways to drastically improve your office space to increase productivity and elevate your mood altogether.

Reset Your Room Temperature

Despite the fact that many office buildings run their thermostats cooler year-round, having a warmer office has been proven to make people more productive than not. If you have no control over the thermostat, bring additional clothing layers for warmth or utilize a space heater to keep your personal space nice and cozy.

Add Both Useful and Decorative Items

While there are a plethora of items you need in your office to get through the day, they don’t all need to be basic and drab. Enhance your space with items that are both practical and decorative, such as Pendulux clocks or a brightly-colored office chair that breathes life and ambience into the area. Even incorporating a few green plants can amplify your mood and productivity, creating a more natural, inviting workspace.

Optimize Your Lighting

Bad lighting can be the cause of many things like fatigue, headaches and eyestrain that are certainly not helpful when you’re trying to accomplish your tasks. If you have windows, keep the blinds open and let in as much natural light as possible. When artificial lighting is your only option, bring in more fixtures to set up around the room. Also, use lightbulbs that produce bright white light, as opposed to softer yellow, to keep your mind more alert and focused throughout the day.

However you choose to redesign your office space, any of these three methods can help improve your state of being, overall.