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Maybe you want to do your part to protect the environment. And maybe you need cleaning supplies. One of the easiest ways to get cleaning supplies is repurpose old T-shirts and other cloth materials into rags, but not everyone has spare shirts when the need arises. If you were looking for custodial supplies in bulk, it can be difficult to find enough of old clothing to turn into supplies.

The next best option is to purchase the material. There are companies that specialize in converting old clothing into cleaning rags. Some rags are perfect for polishing because they have almost no lint and are smooth, while others are more absorbent and are best for cleaning up a spill.

Take a moment and think about the difference in materials in the fabrics of your home. Your sheets are probably smooth, but not the most absorbent materials. On the other hand, a light drizzle can soak a T-shirt in no time at all. your bath towels are absorbent and thick. Imagine how each of these materials would work if turned into cleaning rags. That’s the premise behind the idea of repurposed same old clothing into rags.

Almost any type of clothing can be used, and it provides an easy way for people to recycle and reuse materials without the need to produce more. This lessens environmental impact and saves money. Not only will you be going green, but you will be benefiting your bottom line too.

The next time you find yourself in need of cleaning supplies, Think about what you are purchasing. Rather than buying brand-new rags made specifically for cleaning, why not consider purchasing rags made from reclaimed textiles of different kinds? You’ll save money and feel good about reducing the impact you have on the environment.