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If you care about the earth and want to do everything that you can to avoid damaging it, it’s important to look at your house and make an honest assessment. Many of the things that we find in our homes or use around the house can be very bad for the environment and could be replaced by something better. Of course, you don’t have to change everything about your home to improve it and every little bit counts when it comes to making the world a better place. Here are some ideas to help you get started making your home greener today.

First, think about the materials that you use in your home when you are making changes, repairs, or additions. If you need to do any building, use reclaimed building materials portland or for excellent quality and environmental stewardship. When you paint the walls in your home or the exterior of your house, use paint that is environmentally friendly as much as possible. Similarly, look for flooring options that are made from natural and renewable resources like bamboo.

Then, look at the items that are in your home. You should try to buy antique or vintage furniture whenever you can for two reasons. First, by buying used items you are not contributing to the environmental impact of manufacturing something and at the same time, you are preventing another object from becoming trash in a landfill. The second reason is that an older piece of furniture is less likely to give off volatile organic compounds that are bad for you and the health of your family. You should also use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. These items are also usually better for your own health and, when you choose natural products like vinegar and baking soda, they can save you money as well.

Of course, you ideally would have solar panels and more sophisticated ways to make your home energy efficient, but this isn’t always practical right away. Start by making smaller changes and then improve your home further as you go along.