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As a homeowner, you appreciate the mystery of lawn care. So many variables go into your lawn maintenance every season. When you decide to go with a professional installation of a lawn sprinkler system, you can’t help but believe you’re rolling the dice again. A lawn sprinkler system should run for at least 20 years without much input from the homeowner. Some parts of the system can last for forty years. How do you deal with a system like that? That’s why it makes the most sense to go with a sprinkler system st louis that landscaping professionals would invest in.

Here are some tips on what to ask about when talking to a lawn sprinkler professional: .


What’s the most economical way to water the lawn? After all, you’re investing money in the underground plumbing, joints and sprinkler heads. You should press a professional about the best way to squeeze the most bang for the buck out of your new sprinkler system.

The questions you want to ask are how often should the lawn be watered? What time of day is the best time to water the lawn? How much water should be used in watering the lawn? These are all questions about the economy of lawn sprinkling, and your lawn professional will know what works and what doesn’t.

Your Lawn is Unique

Every year, homeowners tweak their landscaping. They remove a picket fence and replace it with hedges, or they plant perennials with shade requirements on a low-light side of the house. The input people put into their lawn creates a very unique and complicated system to design a sprinkler system around.

Your lawn care professional knows how to best service every area of your yard with a sprinkler system. They can address any situation you describe because they have years of experience doing it. With an on-going discussion with your lawn care professional, you can confidently have a lawn sprinkler system installed and enjoy it for decades.