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When the seasons change, it can mean you need to make some adjustments to your industrial facility. The shift in temperature can cause a number of problems for your business. To avoid these issues, you want to dedicate time to preparing your space for the winter. There are several key areas to inspect before the onset of the chill. Take a look at these tips to make sure you are ready for what’s in store.


First, you want to have a professional take a look at your roof for any signs of damage or weak points. If your region tends to get snow in the winter, then accumulations can put a lot of pressure on the roof. Unnoticed wear and tear can cause the snow to cause further problems like water damage, leaks, and structural trouble. By looking at the roof in advance, you are reducing the odds of a storm causing a collapse.


Colder weather can do a number on pipes of all types. Be sure to have a plumber check all of the pipes involved with water transportation in your facility. Beyond this, you may need to invest in a burst pressure test for the pipes connected to equipment involved in your operations. Testing these pipes can help guarantee integrity and durability throughout the season.

Slippery Spots

The uneven and worn floors of some industrial facilities can cause water from various sources to pool and collect unnoticed. While this is not an issue during warmer months, the winter can cause water to freeze and create slipping hazards for anyone in your facility. Inspect for problem areas and take precaution to avoid someone being injured on site.

Preparing for winter starts by reviewing some of the more common troubles associated with the season and taking preliminary steps to reduce potential damage. Be thorough and you will be able to do your part in protecting your business during the chill.