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Make Your Horse Happy

Owning a horse isn’t quite like owning a typical pet. They tend to be a little smarter and are far more emotional. They also typically require a bit more maintenance than your average dog, cat, or fish. Since many horse owners often like to show their horses or put them to work, you need a few key items to ensure that they are happy and relaxed in order to perform well. For new horse owners, you might feel as though you’re quite unprepared for the massive responsibility that owning a horse requires. To help you, here a few key items every horse should have.

1. Jumping And Exercise Equipment

Whether you intend to show your horse or not, all horses need exercise to be healthy. When you look for horse jumps for sale, you need to find those that are challenging enough to actually work the horse well without causing them injury. Begin your horse on easy equipment and see how they take to it. As they become older, you can continue to challenge their body and minds with tougher obstacles.

2. Regular Hoof Maintenance

Similar to your nails, a horse’s hooves need to be trimmed over time. You can certainly buy the equipment that you need to perform the task for yourself, but it’s usually a better idea to have a professional take care of this task for you. In this way, you can be sure that your horse isn’t hurt during the process and that the hooves are trimmed down expertly.

3. Good Food

Every horse requires good, nutritious, food whether they’re being used for sport, play, or work. A horse’s diet will mostly consist of grass, but they also require a few other items to ensure they’re at their healthiest. Concentrates like oats and barley are a good idea to bring into their diet. Treats like carrots, watermelons, and apples are also excellent diet additions.