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Liquiflo brings over 35 years of design and manufacturing experience together in the production of these quality, high-alloy gear pumps for use in the chemical processing industry. You will find Liquiflo pumps used extensively in industrial settings where pumping acids, solvents, polymers, caustics, and other types of chemicals are done. With each industrial need being somewhat unique, you will find Liquiflo’s experienced engineers ready and available to assist with your specific chemical pumping application needs.

What are the Liquiflo H-Series gear pumps used for?

Generally, these gear pumps are used for transferring and metering liquids, particularly in chemical settings/applications. These gear pumps can be used either as pumps in new installations or as replacement pumps in an existing application.

What are the Liquiflo H-Series gear pump specifications and features?

Quality design and attention to detail characterize the Liquiflo H-Series gear pumps. Some of the specifications and features that you will find across the multiple models are:

  • these gears are positive displacement (PD) types of pumps (i.e., external pumps and not internal gear pumps);
  • reversible/bi-directional flow characteristic abilities;
  • self-priming ability with partial vacuum capabilities (vacuum pressure at approximately one-half the atmospheric pressure or up to 7.5 PSI);
  • good slip flow management of low viscosity/thin fluids through special design attention to differential pressure, viscosity, and working clearances within the pump;
  • pulseless flow;
  • low net positive suction head (NPSH) requirements;
  • high mean time between maintenance (MTBM);
  • high-pressure and high-temperature capacities; and
  • available in sealless mag-drives or multiple seal configurations.

See the individual gear pump description for additional specifications, such as: max. flow rate, max. differential pressure, max. discharge, max. temperature, max. viscosity, max. speed, and NPSHR at max. speed. Additional gear pumps can be found at liquiflo mag drive gear pump listings.

What equipment are the Liquiflo H-Series gear pumps compatible with?

With industrial applications and needs being highly stylized and specific to their specific manufacturer’s process, these gear pumps may be used in a number of unique production situations. Contact Liquiflo to discuss these gear pumps’ applicability for your specific needs.


With the Liquiflo H-Series gear pumps you get years of industrial experience and precise engineering for your specific fluid application usage. Well-designed and well-built means that these gear pumps can do the functional jobs that they are placed in. Additionally, the Liquiflo support team offers engineers to assist with your specific pumping application needs.