Prohibition Of Tinted Glass In Nigeria; Who Is Guilty?

Technological upgradations have made cars extremely luxurious. Cars are no longer just vehicles that transport people from one place to another. That is still their core purpose but car manufacturers put in a lot of effort to make the journey comfortable and entertaining. With music system and infotainment monitors installed inside the car, your four-wheeled companion now also lets you enjoy your favorite movies in an air-conditioned setting as you reach your desired destination.

But the harsh sunrays can be annoying. In order to stay away from the heat generated by the sun, and for some privacy, people opt for tinted glass or sun foil in their car. Is it legal in India? Can it get you in trouble and lead to a traffic penalty? Should you remove it or not? Read ahead to know important traffic rules and regulations related to tinted glass and sun foil.

Understanding the Terms

People often get confused between a tinted glass and sun foil because of the similarity of the end result. A tinted glass as the name suggests, is a glass with a tint. Any piece of glass when treated with a material that reduces light transmission through it is tinted glass. Vehicles are fitted with tinted glass to avoid sunrays from penetrating through it and cause discomfort to the passengers seated in the car and to the car’s interiors. Car manufacturers in India generally do not produce cars with tinted glass.

A sun foil on the other hand is a foil which is added on the glass of a vehicle. It is also aimed at reducing the impact of sunrays on the passengers and the car’s interiors. It is usually added at any garage or workshop.

Why Do People Go for Tinted Glass or Sun Foil?

People prefer tinted glass or add a sun foil on their cars because of the following benefits.

● For privacy

● To protect the car’s interiors from sunrays

● For passengers’ comfort

● To ensure the temperature inside the car does not shoot up

● For security, as tinted glass is stronger than normal glass


The Legal Side

Due to reports suggesting the use of cars for anti-social purposes, it was made mandatory for all car owners to avoid using tinted glass or sun foil that reduces transparency drastically. As per the law, any modification to the car’s window will lead to traffic police fines. It is the job of the car owner to be diligent as the workshop or the garage will not be fined for adding tinted glass or sun foil. In such cases, the car owner shall face traffic police fines.

Car owners need to adhere to regulations put forth by Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. It states that a car’s windows must have at least 50% visibility. Blocking the car’s window leads to reduced visibility and such actions will be penalized.

Car manufacturers sometimes create cars with tinted glass, which is allowed. However, altering the condition of the car’s glass is not allowed. Certain people can make use of dark glass for security reasons. They have to take prior permission of the relevant authorities in order to do so.

Cooperate With The Officials

It is suggested to follow the law to avoid traffic police fines. There is no need to panic if you are stopped by a police official. Be supportive, answer the questions asked by the police official and cooperate. If it is found you are at fault, you shall be penalized as per the state’s rules and regulations. Unless you have the appropriate documentation for using a tinted glass or sun foil, it is time to let it go and comply with the law of the land.