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Though many people never consider it, starting a commercial bottling company is a business idea that could become fruitful and rewarding. Providing the bottling capabilities for small to medium companies allows them to focus on their manufacturing goals. A decision has to be made to determine which type of products you want to bottle to help focus your business goals. Once this is decided you can go about choosing what equipment will be needed. The following are just a few.

Liquid Fillers

One of the primary pieces of equipment that you will need is pail filling equipment. This piece of machinery is designed to dispense fluid by weight into the bottle or other types of containers being used. With its pre-programmable settings, this liquid filler ensures the uniformity of liquid dispensed and aids in the automation of the bottling process.


Once you have your containers filled, you’ll require a capping machine to cap and seal them. These machines come in a variety based on your operating needs whether that is a spindle capper, chuck capper, or vertical plugger. You’ll also want to choose a machine that can function in an automated fashion and that is capable of capping containers of various sizes. Accessory equipment for the main capping machine include cap elevator, pre-sorter, and sorters.


The labeling machine is one of the last pieces of equipment that you’ll need in the bottling process. These machines allow you to attach logos and desired text to bottles and other containers. It is best to choose a labeling machine that is diverse in the shapes, sizes, and type of material it is capable of applying during the labeling process. This includes paper, clear and mylar labels.

Commercial bottling is a great business to get into. The fact that it is a seldom thought of business venture means that typically the amount of competition will smaller than other industries. Doing your homework to study your market, competition, and what equipment that you’ll need is the best way to start.