PUBG Introduces War Mode as Deathmatch-Style Custom Game Option

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp has quietly introduced a new custom game option called War Mode for the Windows PC version. The new mode is essentially a deathmatch-style gaming experience. It features a respawn timer, and when it expires, players will reappear on the map. While the new feature was reportedly spotted in the game, there has been no official information about the War Mode from PUBG developers, neither on its social media channels nor on its website.

As per a report in PCGamesN, War Mode is available only as a custom game mode. Gamers can tweak the game’s rules in the setup screen by selecting a starting area and player loadouts for all the players. A YouTuber called ‘vnorovnog’ has posted a video, which shows a game where players drop into a small area on the West coast of Erangel with a UMP and a helmet, the report added.

In the video, at top left corner, a player’s rank and a respawn timer can be seen. Once a player gets killed, he will have to wait for the respawn timer to reset, before dropping back into the game when it hits 0. In another video, we can see players equipped with snipers and ghillie suits.

The report says that PUBG had recently announced limited time game modes for its battle royale mode, which began a few weeks back. However, the new mode is different as it can only be accessed through custom games. While official details about the War Mode has not been revealed yet, the game mode may get announced soon.

PUBG had recently unveiled a new map called Codename: Savage for PUBG on Windows PC and plans to release it in an alpha test to a limited number of players. Instead of being put on the PUBG test server, PUBG Corp will be distributing keys that will unlock the map for a limited number of players.

To recall, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has hit Android and iPhone handsets last month. Despite being available on Windows PC since last year, it made quite a splash on mobile devices topping the charts in several countries.