Most of the fires in commercial as well as personal spaces are preventable. After a fire, when arson investigators come in to investigate on the cause of fire, most of the times it has been seen that, human errors are the primary reason. Not only human errors, arsons are also often the primary reason for fires in commercial spaces. With the benefits of investigators after the accident, it has always been seen that the fire could have been easily prevented, had necessary actions been taken at the right time. Here in this article, we will list out some of the areas which needed to be considered in order to reduce the risk of breaking out at your commercial space as well as personal space.

Arson– Surprisingly, according to a recent statistic, it has been proven that one of the major and primary reason for fire in office spaces is due to arson, and it is one of the least considered by the office management. The risk of fire from arson is mainly from employees, but general public also couldn’t be left out from the equation. Employees who are unhappy with the company or the discontented employees may start a fire, in response to a negative situation arising at the work place. Whilst the company cannot take control of an employee’s response, it can actually take some steps in avoiding the employee to cause damage. Now, the problem may come in from two sides for the company. The discontented employee may engage in theft of IT files, which is very important for the company, or they may engage in activity which may cause harm to the company physically. Therefore, employees who have been sacked from the company, should be accompanied outside the company premises by bodyguards. Their ID cards and any type of swipe cards should also be removed from them. Not only ID cards and swipe cards, but, access codes of your office building should always be changed, so that these discontented employees cannot access the building by using the access codes.

You should also review the security of your site from time to time. Even if you do not let outside people enter your commercial premises, they can actually cause harm to your premises by starting a fire from outside the premises, which may turn out to be a chain reaction. Therefore, items near the fences of your commercial space should be checked, so that it cannot be accessed from outside the fence.

Human Error– Often, it has been seen after extensive investigation, that human error is the primary reason for fire in a commercial workspace. Often, people do something that may start a fire, either by accident or deliberately, which leads to a fire. Faulty electrical line, may start a fire, but this is often due to human errors, where the work has been left incomplete. Sometimes flammable items misused, or being thrown here and there, may also cause a fire to start. Every workspace should have a fire awareness program where employees will be educated and informed about how their actions may bring in fire hazards in the office. Rubbish is yet another thing, that can cause fire. Employees tend to gather up rubbish in one place, and expect that to be taken away by the housekeeping staff. But, the reality is, sometimes rubbish can also catch fire. Therefore, rubbish removal should be a priority.

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