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At some point, individuals do a cursory or thorough analysis of their lives and subsequently conclude that they are in a place of serious stagnation. If you’ve recognized this as your current truth, it’s important to remember that there’s always something that you can do about it. Below you’ll find just four of many strategies that you can deploy to push past your plateaus and become a more productive, progressive individual:

1. Focus On Energy Optimization.

If you’re really sick of stagnation, make sure that you get on track to optimizing your levels of energy right now. Doing so will empower you to maintain the vitality necessary to complete all of the tasks and assignments necessary to ensure that you’re moving forward in your life. There are numerous strategies you can deploy to improve your energy levels, one of which is exercising regularly. This process could include anything from running to HIIT training to cycling to yoga. Eating nutritious, unprocessed food is another wonderful way to take your energy levels to an all-time high.

2. Read, Read, Read.

Reading engenders progress by causing your mind to undergo a process of continual expansion. Reading can also enhance your speaking and writing skills, which in turn can lead to opportunities for professional advancement. There are now a wide range of online resources that you can utilize to find great books, articles, and blogs. If you’re interested in learning more about a topic such as the new universe theory, visit The Living Universe website.

3. Develop Meaningful Friendships.

In addition to using strategies like exercise and eating whole foods as mediums through which you optimize your energy levels so you can become more productive, be sure to focus on the value of cultivating meaningful friendships. Doing so is empowering because being around people who genuinely care about you or are equally passionate about an issue or cause that you find important will help you become more productive and positive in your approach to life. There are many strategies you could deploy to find new friends who will become close, lifetime comrades. There are also strategies you can implement to take your current friendships to another level of authenticity, mutuality, transparency, etc. One strategy is to focus on meaningful communication. (This includes forms of nonverbal communication such as physical presence and gift-giving.)

4. Make Career Development A Real Thing.

In addition to developing meaningful friendships, make sure that you focus on career development. This strategy is immensely important because it ensures that you’re constantly acquiring new skills and meeting the people who will challenge you to become more productive and think in new ways that enhance your self-concepts while also contributing to your ability to give back to the world in ways that are meaningful to you. Luckily, there are many career development strategies you can deploy to push beyond your current professional plateaus. One is going back to school to attain another degree or certification. Another is by working with a mentor in a one-on-one setting through which you can ask questions and complete various evaluative processes to gain a clearer understanding of what your professional strengths and weaknesses are.


Once people decide that they’re sick of stagnation in one or multiple areas of life, it’s time for them to implement strategies which will ensure that they can kiss the plateaus goodbye. You can use some or all four of the techniques outlined above to remain on track to eliminating stagnation and becoming a perpetually progressive, productive person!