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You cannot always tell just by visual inspection that your chimney is in need of repairs. There are a few signs to keep a look out for, however. If any of the mentioned signs below are noticed, it is important to call in an expert. Failure to get a damaged chimney fixed could be a major safety hazard for your home and loved ones. If you are not sure about any issues you notice, it’s best to call a professional company of chimney repair Washington DC such as the one found at

Mortar Joints Damaged

If you have access to your roof, it is a good idea to regularly do a visual inspection of the mortar joints. Any damage to this area of your chimney requires immediate repair. If there is damage to the mortar joints, it could end up completely ruining your whole chimney. Cracks could expose the area to moisture and lead to a collapse.

Rust On Firebox Or Damper

Any signs there is moisture present in your chimney is a huge red flag. This means the chimney is not working the way it is designed to. Rust is the main sign that there is too much moisture present. If the damper becomes too difficult to use or not sealing properly, you will know it is time to get the chimney inspected by a professional.

Spalling Bricks

When water gets into the bricks, concrete or natural stone of your chimney, spalling begins to occur. This is when the surface starts to flake, peel or pop off. In some cases, salt will push out through the chimney wall and cause spalling. It is pretty easy to spot spalling because small pieces of the masonry will fall into your fireplace.

Any indication of the previous signs warrants a call to a chimney specialist. Waiting too long to fix certain issues can make your fireplace unsafe to use. When left uninspected for too long, fires can ignite in your chimney and cause irreversible damage to your chimney, fireplace and home.