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Everyone craves a little privacy, especially in their own home. Unfortunately, many areas make it hard to keep away prying eyes or trespassers. The following are three types of properties and some simple recommendations that will make you feel a little more secluded.

Urban Lifestyle

Whether your windows are at street level where anyone walking by can look in or you up on the fifth floor where you picture window mimics a billboard, you know how frustrating it is to always be on display. This is when you need to be creative with your window treatments. Use heavy, room darkening drapes that can be pulled shut during the nighttime hours. Layer these with either lace or sheer curtains underneath that will block prying eyes, yet still allow the sun to shine in.

The Suburbs

Suburban life is a part of the American dream for many families, but it can become a little crowded to have other houses so close to your own. You do not need to be entertainment for the neighbors every time you step outside. Create a private oasis for yourself in the backyard. Privacy fence come in a variety of decorative designs. Hedges also block you from the neighbor’s line of sight. Use awnings and tent style gazebos to cover areas where you eat or entertain.

Country Life

You would think that living in the country would be very private, but property lines are often unrecognizable. Your neighbors from way down the road may not mean to invade your space, but they might happen through while simply taking a walk. You also have wildlife to deal with. Putting a fence around the perimeter of your lot will deter strangers and larger animals. To keep your property convenient for yourself, install a mechanical gate opener at your entrance like those from Bump ‘n Drive.

No matter where you live, you can always find a way to enjoy a little more privacy. Whether you’re trying to keep trespassers of a country lot or stop neighbors from peering into your city townhouse, these tips will help you feel a bit more like you have at least one place in this world where you can escape the public.