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If you are the life of the party, mixing drinks and keeping thirsty guests satisfied, you may decide to try your luck at opening a bar. A bar is a small business opportunity that can enrich a community and give you the chance to make people happy doing what you love.

Get a License

You cannot charge customers for alcohol unless you are licensed to do so. If liquor sales are your main money maker, you will need to obtain a TABC permit before you open. The paperwork for alcohol licensing can be extensive, so it’s advisable to get started on it as soon as you can.

Find a Location

Where your bar is located is one of the top predictors of its success. There are several factors to take into consideration. You need a spot that fits your budget but also gets a lot of traffic. An area that’s too far out of the way or doesn’t match the tone of your business is a recipe for disaster. The ideal location is a place where you can offer complementary services to surrounding businesses with an extra twist.

Make a Plan

In order to get a small business loan to cover startup costs, you will probably need a business plan that lays out your budget and your goals. Make a list of all the things you need to get started, including furniture, equipment and bar essentials. Hire competent staff who are fully licensed and embody the attitude that will create the environment you want to have.

Many people enjoy stopping for a drink after work at the neighborhood bar. With the right permits and solid planning, your bar can become their favorite place to unwind after a long day. Owning a bar helps you take your party skills and turn them into a career.