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The first step to any kind of treatment program is admitting that you have a problem and seeking out the help that you need. When you go to a facility that offers substance abuse treatment in Maryland, keep in mind that it will take work and dedication in order to get over your addiction. Always remember why you are there in the first place. That reason is to get the help that you need so that you can develop positive relationships again and so that the drugs and alcohol don’t cloud your judgment.

If you have any questions, ask them. The doctors and workers at the center are there to answer any questions that you have and are there to encourage you to get better. Don’t try to look at what life could be like in a few months. Worry about the moment that you’re in while you’re in rehab so that you can make the necessary changes to get the help that you need. There will be rules that you have to follow, and it’s important that you follow them because you could get kicked out of the program. If you voluntarily leave the facility, you can go back when you make the decision to get help again. However, if you are court-ordered to seek treatment and don’t go, then you could face time in jail because of your actions.

There is no rush to complete your treatment. However, if you are in a detox center, then you might be moved to a rehab facility to complete your treatment as detox is usually for the first few days in order to get the drugs and alcohol out of your body in a safe manner. Spend time writing in a journal or doing something for yourself to make you feel better.