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An Inefficient Storage Method

Many warehouses use a floor stacking method to store their goods and products. The initial goal with such a method is to help workers find the products and goods that they need quickly and bring it out to the storefront when needed. However, the truth of this method is that it’s just messy. Too often, it’s difficult to find the goods because the items are pushed around to make room for more goods coming into the warehouse.

With the goods being lost in the sea of items and products, it can take workers a long time to find the item that they’re searching for. That’s valuable time wasted. Goods can easily go missing, and it can be difficult to keep track of all of your SKUs. For many business owners, the floor stacking method may seem like the only option to store your goods in a warehouse setting. That is not the case.

A New Method

Simply Rack have innovated how to store goods in a warehouse. Their cantilever racking is the answer to all of your warehouse storage solutions. This unique and new form of storage is designed to help those who have large or oddly shaped goods. For warehouses that stores furniture items, for example, it can be difficult to figure out just where to place those items. They don’t fit on a shelf, and they take an awful lot of space on the warehouse floor. The answer is cantilever racks.

Instead of taking up all the horizontal space in your warehouse, Simply utilizes the vertical space in your warehouse instead. That’s a ton of space typically not being utilized. It also makes for more ground space to move your forklifts around, so they have easier access moving your items around. Not to mention, with cantilever, it can be a lot easier for your workers to find the items that they need. This helps them save time and earns you more money. Not to mention that since you’re stacking vertically instead of just attempting to categorize on the ground, you can free up that space to bring in more goods and products. That’s more merchandise for you to sell. If there’s a product that you’ve always wanted to offer your customers but couldn’t because of the lack of the space in your warehouse, now you no longer have that problem.

The Best Storage Solution

For the savvy warehouse owner, Simply’s racks are the best option. Free up the space in your warehouse and earn your business more profit.