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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the safe haven that you return to after a long day of work or spend your lazy Sundays relaxing in. If your room is cluttered and dirty, it can actually have the opposite effect and induce stress. While it’s difficult to find the time to organize and clean your room, it will be worth it in the long run to create a stress-free environment.

Clean Your Furniture

If you missed spring cleaning, you’ll want to spend some time cleaning your room. Start from the bottom up. If you have wood flooring, mop your bedroom floor. If your bedroom is carpeted, look up “steam cleaning College Station” or wherever you live to hire a carpet cleaning service. Then dust and polish all furniture including dressers, end tables and bookshelves. Spray and clean your windows and mirrors.

Organize the Clutter

Even if you polish your room regularly, if your room has clutter all over, it will make your room feel chaotic. It’s important to create organizational systems in your bedroom to minimize mess. Invest in a trunk to store clothes that are out of season. Use folders and filers on your bedroom desk to organize important papers. Buy racks to neatly store shoes, accessories and purses in your closet. Most importantly, sort through your clutter and decide what you can toss and what needs to be saved.

Refresh the Room

Freshening up your room can help add the finishing touches to a tidy room. Invest in a diffuser. You can use essential oils to create different, beautiful scents. Not only does it make your room smell amazing, but you can also use it to relieve stress. You can also use incense, air fresheners and room sprays to give your room a clean-smelling feel.

Once you give your room these finishing touches, your room will feel like paradise