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Heading to the beach for the day can be a perfect way to enjoy some family fun, relaxation, and fresh air. A beach day could also replace a vacation if you are on a tight budget or don’t have the circumstances to get away for a while. Here are some tips to make your next beach day perfect.

Determine the right type of clothing to be comfortable when you are at the beach. Are you just planning to sit in the sand and watch the water? If so, wear clothing that will make you feel the most comfortable as you are lounging on the beach. If you will swim or engage in other activities, take the appropriate clothing.

If you want to find the best spot on the beach, make sure that you arrive as early as possible. If you are going to be visiting a beach that is popular and frequented by tourists or locals, the beaches usually fill up quickly during high season. Getting there as early as possible not only helps you find the best spot on the beach, but it extends the amount of time you have for relaxation and fun.

Bring along sunscreen, a hat, and other items that are needed to protect you and your family from the sun. While you may want a little bit of a tan, the last thing you want everyone dealing with is a sunburn after the beach day. Don’t underestimate the power of the sun. It can also make you feel worn out and tired if you do not protect yourself well from it.

Plan ahead for some entertainment or activities that everyone in the family can engage in. Perhaps you want a little bit of music. If so, take along some speakers or kenwood portable radio accessories. Making a playlist ahead of time means that you just have to push a button and then you have hours of fun music for your beach day. If you have small children, make sure to take along buckets, shovels, and other toys that will keep them busy.