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Everyone loves an air conditioner when the heat of the summer months approaches. However, an air conditioner that is not properly maintained can leave one without the relief that the cold air brings to the sweltering heat. Here are some tips on how to best care for the unit.


Always unplug the unit from the wall before attempting any sort of cleaning or maintenance.

Remove the cover from the face of the air conditioner. The filter itself may come attached to the back of the front cover or attached directly in front of the coils.

Gently remove the air filter and wash it with warm, soapy water. Squeeze it dry by hand and set it aside to fully air-dry. This may take a few hours so be patient. If the filter is damaged or torn in any way, replace it with a new filter.

Take a soft rag and wipe the cover clean as well as the grill on the front of the coils.

Use a handheld vac to vacuum the coils and grill. Do so with great care as the coils can easily be damaged.


Check for blockages within the tube. If any are present, remove them by using either a wire or a basic bottle-brush

The tube can then be cleaned by using a water and bleach cleaning solution. Simply pour it through the tube and then rinse the tube with clean water.

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If nobody is going to be home all day, or for an extended period of time, turn the air conditioner off and unplug it from the wall. Not only does this save energy but it also gives the unit a break from a constant operation.

During winter months, remove window units or keep them covered to avoid the damaging effects of winter weather.