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While a moderate amount of lake weeds and even algae are beneficial to the lake, too much can definitely have a negative effect and even stifle the life of the creatures and critters that grow within it. Here are a few easy to perform manual methods to ensure that the weeds and algae do not grow out of control.

1. Many experts who are concerned about the use of chemicals in lakes advocate for the use of what are known as Benthic barriers. These are essentially plastic sheets that are placed on the bottom of the lake. By not allowing the sun to reach the bottom of the lake, it actually cuts off the supply of much-needed sunlight to the weeds, which results in their death. However, a certain amount of vegetation is necessary so be sure to leave some of the lake bottom uncovered.

2. One of the most simple and most inexpensive ways to control the native lake weeds population is to pull them by hand. While they can certainly be cut by shears or by such tools as a sickle, the most effective method is to pull them by hand. This disrupts their life cycle as the roots of the plant will no longer be present.

3. Another simple way to control the lake weeds is through shallow water dredging. This may not be a project you want to do yourself but you can certainly call a reputable company such as watermaster dredger . The dredging is most beneficial when the weeds have grown to cover more than a quarter of the bottom of the lake. The dredging works to actually remove a portion of the bottom of the lake.

These are just a few of the ways that out-of-control lake weeds can be controlled. Try one and see what one works best for you.