Going for a driving license test can be a daunting task for some. After all, it is something that will give you the license to get your hands behind that steering wheel and let you officially zoom around in your car. Therefore, just like any other test, one needs to prepare well before appearing for the driving test.

Read ahead to know top 10 reasons why people fail their driving test and make sure to not repeat these mistakes.

Reason Number 1 – Nervousness

Several people fail the driving test because they are unable to handle their nerves. This happens to the best of best. You might’ve seen footballers miss a penalty kick by a long way or cricketers drop easy catches because of being nervous. This is because the occasion gets to them and they are unable to keep calm.

Reason Number 2 – Timing and Documentation

Whether you have applied for a driving license online or offline, you will be given a specified time slot for your test. You are also expected to bring certain documents along with you even if you have applied for the driving license test online. Failing to turn up on the specified time or not bringing the necessary documents along with you for the driving license test can lead to failing the test.

Reason Number 3 – Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence can be extremely disadvantageous. It acts as a barrier to performance. You might know what you have to do but are unable to execute it due to lack of confidence. It creates doubts in your mind and stops you from performing to potential.

Reason Number 4 – Not Using Mirrors

Mirrors play a crucial role in the way you go about on the road. Rear view mirror and side mirrors are great at guiding the driver, only if you know how to use them. The supervisor notes if you are adjusting the mirrors and utilizing them when needed or no.

Reason Number 5 – Not Using Signals

Car drivers communicate with each other via signals. The horn is also there but it is more like a scream and less like a conversation. Signals are like gentle words, they tell fellow drivers that you are going to take a left or a right or slowing down. During the driving test, you are supposed to give proper signals while making the turns. Failing to do so can have a negative impact on your test results.

Reason Number 6 – Bad Reversing

This is tricky. For someone who hasn’t practiced reversing a car, doing so in the test can prove challenging. One needs to get the angle right while making a reverse turn.

Reason Number 7 – Not Doing Multiple Things

Driving a car involves doing multiple things almost simultaneously. You have to give the signal, change gears, look in the mirror, press the horn, stay attentive, etc. all this almost together. During the test, you might succeed in doing some of it but fail to do all of it. Failing at this continuously will lead to failing the test.

Reason Number 8 – Not Following Directions

You need to follow the directions stated by the examiner all the time. The examiner or the supervisor might change his directions at the last minute in order to simulate a traffic situation. You must be attentive and follow those directions. Many applicants are unable to follow these directions and end up failing the test.

Reason Number 9 – Engine Shut Down

A car’s engine might shut down if the gears are changed inappropriately. This can happen while starting the car, while driving it, as well as while parking it.

Reason Number 10 – Faulty Parking

You might do everything right but when it comes to the end, things might go south if you fail to park the car properly. Ending the test on a proper note by parking the car appropriately is necessary.

All The Best

Make a note of the above-mentioned points and practice them to perfection. Failing to perform one or two of these tasks might not affect your result but not performing a majority of the tasks can lead to failing the test. Practice well and all the best for your driving licence test.