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Everybody knows how expensive a family vacation can be, especially these days This is why the family stay cation is becoming more popular. Stay cations save time, money, and resources. That’s a lot these days. There are three benefits in particular that any family that’s feeling the money crunch can take advantage of. Opting to have a family stay cation instead of the typical conventional family vacation can save tons of money and time.

Gas can be quite costly these days. It is usually well over $2 per gallon. Gas alone can save you hundreds of dollars, depending on where the vacation location is. You can use the money that you typically spend on gas and put it towards that upscale hotel across town. You could also use the money to go to the pro game you’ve been dreaming about. The options are many. Staying in town saves time and money, plus it creates more options.

Everyone knows how fun traditional family vacations are, especially when you’re traveling to some far away place. However, they can also be costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, trips abroad can take as much as a day or two to get there. Even if you decide to stay in the states, travel can be both costly and time-consuming. When you eliminate traveling, you do your family a lot of favors. You are able to start your vacation much sooner. You eliminate the need for an excessive travel budget. Plus, dad’s high-stress job with pressure treated wood poles may present time constraints for time off. Stay cations are good options in situations like this.

Stay cations are great when it comes to entertainment. They allow you to take advantage of area attractions and entertainment. This includes events, restaurants, and everything else under the sun right in your own town. Saving gas, money on airline travel, and time opens up space in your budget for other things that wouldn’t have been possible. This is especially true When it comes to a traditional family vacation. Perhaps that fancy restaurant you’ve been wanting to try for a long time is now an option.

Family vacations can be expensive. However, they are a necessity. Every family should take time to relax and de-stress at least once a year. If your pockets are shallow, there’s no need to eliminate a vacation all together. Just opt for the more affordable version.